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Northwest Alaska Relief
December 30th, 2009

Just about 20,000 pounds of fish came off a Coast Guard C-130 during an Arctic sunrise on Monday afternoon, destined for more than 800 needy families in Kotzebue and the surrounding villages.

Lawsuit Against EPA Over Pesticides in Polar Bears
December 8th, 2009

Center for Biological Diversity has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for allowing harmful pesticides to contaminate vast areas of the planet.

Images of 1950s Inuit Famine On Exhibit
December 7th, 2009

A photo show at the Winnipeg Art Gallery is shedding light on the famine that ravaged the Padlei Inuit in 1950.

‘Permanent’ Arctic Ice Vanishing
December 7th, 2009

One of Canada’s top northern researchers says the permanent Arctic sea ice that is home to the world’s polar bears and usually survives the summer has all but disappeared.

Land of the Lost
December 7th, 2009

The relocation of the Inuit (in the early 1950s) to Resolute Bay and Grise Fiord is a horror story that may be unmatched in Canadian history.

Arctic Sea Route Renamed ‘Canadian Northwest Passage’
December 7th, 2009

In a move to support its claims of sovereignty over the Arctic Northwest Passage, Canada has officially renamed it the “Canadian Northwest Passage”.

Rising Waters Slowly Swallowing Tuktoyaktuk
December 7th, 2009

While the world argues about the existence of global warming, the rising Arctic Ocean is already swallowing up the village of Tuktoyaktuk.

Big Freeze Plunged Europe Into Ice Age in Months
December 1st, 2009

In the film The Day After Tomorrow, the world enters the icy grip of a new glacial period within the space of just a few weeks. Now new research shows that this scenario may not be so far from the truth after all.

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